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One Foot, One Shoe Crush Procrastination Now Available!

I'm really excited to offer my next book for sale!  One Foot, One Shoe. Simple Steps To Crush Procrastination And Get Things Done is available exclusively on the Amazon Kindle.

I hate procrastinating.

Procrastinating is the (un)conscious wasting of time that take up time otherwise spent doing something important.  Now, I'm not talking about spending time recovering or resting, since that time is vitally important to maintain high levels of performance over a longer period of time.

No, the procrastination I'm talking about is the time you have where you're rested and ready to go, but spend it doing alternative activities, like surf Facebook, YouTube, or Netflix, instead of using that time to learn, see, and do.  That robbed time will never be returned, and it is especially painful when you realize after you've wasted that time that you could have been doing something much more meaningful with your time.

I decided to put together a book to help aide anyone who feels the same about procrastination.  This book contains useful strategies to start doing something now.  I've outlined how to utilize my 10MIN Method to start doing anything, and how you can snowball small bursts of productivity into finishing bigger goals.

This book is now available on all Amazon platforms, and the Kindle app is free to use on any device - computer, tablet, or smartphone.

What do you think of the techniques?  What do you use to beat procrastinating?

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