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Business Mindset: Know When To Hold ‘Em, Fold ‘Em, and Going All In

Is your business mindset one of a Fold 'Em, does your company simply Hold 'Em or are you going to change the world by Going All In?

Like business and life, playing poker at a high level requires a good deal of patience, the will to call other's bluff, the drive to outplay your competitors and the fortitude to put it all on the line when you know it's your best shot at winning.

What kind of business mindset do you possess?

Fold 'Em.  That's the easiest one to figure out.  A Fold 'Em attitude is the attitude of the weakest player.  When the tough gets going, the weak throw in the towel.

Sure, these people might have some good hands dealt their way, but they always think they've been beat before they even see a single card, so folding comes so naturally to them.

Or, they get a little into the game, but they encounter a strong play by a competitor and are quick to determine they don't have the right mixture of tools to play to the next level.  Again, the easiest way out is the door - giving up on their hopes, dreams and aspirations to do more because a roadblock has held them back from seeing the finish line.

If you're a Fold 'Em kind of guy, you should know you're not alone.  Over 90% of business fails within the first five years of operation, but it's not always due to a bad idea.  Most failed startups had a great idea but lacked the push and determination to see past tiny obstacles, or bluff their way further in the game.

Hold 'Em.  There are businesses that survive a competitor's advance but they are also not on the growth path towards success.  I see these types of businesses in a holding pattern - not big, not small, not shrinking but not growing.  To me, a Hold 'Em business is almost the same as a Fold 'Em - if you're not trying to grow you're slowly dying, no matter how good a product or service you have.

There are many Hold 'Em style businesses out there.  In fact, you've likely used them in the past month, week, or even today.  Businesses like the mom and pop coffee shop, the local plumber, or your babysitter are Hold 'Em businesses because they operate with a single mindset of the one owner or boss.

These types of businesses can be established for decades but for some reason or another didn't want to move past their self-imposed barriers to get more.  They're comfortable moving around chips, making small bets and seeing small returns.  They may sit at the table for a long time but seeing the final hand and winning the game isn't in the Hold 'Em mindset.

Going All In.  These types of players are the game-changers.  Sure, they probably lose more than they win, but they aren't afraid to push the chips when they feel it is in their best interest to do so.

Going All In entrepreneurs are the ones that get things done.  Since they aren't afraid to lose they push their boundaries day in, day out.  Not every venture is a winning hand, but then again they aren't there to play small hands either.

There is a different feeling when you're around a business mindset of someone who is Going All In.  It's like they've already won, even if they are only beginning.  They have immense gratitude for the day and they have intense focus for making their dreams a reality.

Going All In creates a single mindset - this is it, there's no going back.  Going All In is usually decided by a clear winner and a clear loser.  Fortunately for the Going All In type of individual, they've played their cards in such a way that winning becomes a natural occurence.

Do you know any Going All In-ners?  The kind of person that gets things done, who isn't afraid of rejection, who seemingly plays by a different set of rules?

More importantly, are you striving for a business mindset to Going All In?  Push your chips today and do not worry about the outcome - winners are created, not born.


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