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To be a fearless leader means you should be brave and take action but is easier said than done. After all, everyone has their own set of fears and leaders are no different. Despite your existing fears there are ways of becoming a fearless leader -and a good one at that.

How to Be a Fearless Leader

The very first thing you need to do to become a fearless leader is to know your own fears - your deepest fears, thoughts and emotions that hold you back.  Keep a journal of your fears and be honest in recording all fears that affect you in your daily life.

Whether they are fears for your personal or professional life, record any fears that will hinder you from becoming an effective leader.

Getting Rid of Fears

Only after you are able to acknowledge the fears that you have will you be on your way to eliminating them from your life and turning into the fearless leader that you want to be.

This is possible only because the first step to becoming fearless is to accept those fears.  If you are in denial of fears there is absolutely no way to become an effective leader.

Humility is the step needed to be honest about those things.  Everyone has fears, so what exactly are you afraid of?

To work on those fears requires a decisive plan and a bit of balls - bravery is the important step here.  Remember, you're working to become FEARLESS - there's no point in playing flaccid right now.

Ask yourself at this point how you intend to eliminate those fears.  Find a quiet room, close the door and ask yourself out loud - but record the answer you have.  There's no right or wrong answer.  What you write down will become a road map for your success.  Some stops on the map will be longer and some you will detour altogether.  The importance is in the process.

As an effective, fearless leader, being conscious of your fears and building a map to success you will begin to push aside your past fears - the fears that overruled your emotions and prior leadership capabilities.

Every time you find yourself acting out of fear pull out your journal with your fear-conquering answers.  Find a solution to your fears and go with it - you have a plan of positive, fearless action so why take a different route?

Becoming fearless doesn't happen overnight.  You must learn patience during this process if you expect to see the desired outcome.  Much like the map - some pit stops take longer to overcome than others.

Rewarding Yourself

Just by dealing with your fears you are gaining strength and wisdom as a fearless leader.  It is vitally important you recognize your triumphs over your fears.  For you to be a great leader you must reward yourself for your actions.  Treat yourself to something that makes you happy.  This way, you can look forward to times that you become fearless and turn your actions to a rewarding experience.