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What Do You Use As Motivation?

I’ll be honest. I've been completely dogging it lately. My online business presence feels like it's stuck in a semi rut. As I'm sure you can tell based on my writing habits lately, I just haven't had the motivation.


However, I think I've turned a new leaf, whether or not it is a long lasting one remains to be seen.

I've really taken to creating video lessons and courses in a big way, and the whole process from designing courses to filming and editing audio and video has sparked a renewed interest in something again.

Plus, I've decided to get harder on myself for things I know I would be doing - like working out and training for world class events, as example. For me, health and nutrition are one of my top priorities since my own health allows me to be so much more and do so much more. Its a positive snowball effect that I just have to get back on board with.

I've also decided to use a picture of my son as motivation, and whenever I look at it I hear him saying something like “Daddy, do it for me” or “Daddy, why are you not working?”

Now, is it wrong to use someone in such a way to add motivation and get off your butt and do something?  I would argue no, to a certain extent.

Certainly, I want to use the motivation in a positive manner.  Getting down on myself will only lead to unmotivated goals and poor choices.  So I have to remain constantly positive when I use his picture for motivation.

Secondly, I have to use something that I feel is truly motivating.  I used to use a picture of a Ferrari, but while a nice want, it never really motivated me to do things on a grand scale.  Not like a picture of a family member who means the world to me does.

So, what kinds of things do you use for motivating yourself to achieve great goals?  Am I wrong in my approach with using him as that motivation?  I'd love to hear your thoughts on how you get motivated and importantly how you stay motivated for the long haul.

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