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My most feared action is wasting my time on this earth.

You know, the minutes, hours and days that slip by without any thought to the time that actually disappears without ever getting it back.

Even the thought of it makes me want to be sick, unfortunately for too long I fell into a spell of being unproductive.  So I decided to get conscious and take positive action towards beating that feeling once and for all.


One Foot, One Shoe.  Become a Productivity Master. Simple Steps To Crush Procrastination And Get Things Done! is the resulting action of my conscious saying enough is enough.

But beating procrastination isn't as easy as simply saying no.   Procrastination likes to continually challenge every individual on the planet as the easy escape to doing, seeing and becoming a person of greater importance or influence.  So why do some get ahead while others fail?

Productivity is the result of focused, repeatable actions that are simple to do but also simple to avoid doing.  The difference is that those who succeed and are effective in their goal completion have pushed past that barrier to create the kinds of things that others sit on the couch and wish they could create.

The reality is that every individual is capable of being so much more than currently putting forward.  I know that I have only started seeing the light of what kinds of things are possible with my life and my immediate family and close friend's lives.  And I hope that this book will help you achieve the little steps that help you build a giant snowball of effective output and productivity, and crush procrastination once and for all.

Available now exclusively on the Amazon Kindle platform.  

I'm very proud of all my accomplishments in the past, and I decided to take a new path over the past few weeks.  Productivity hacks have always fascinated me and I'm very excited to share some of my secrets in my new Udemy course: Become a Productivity Master!

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