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On Tackling Fears. Or The Fear Of Nothing?

On tackling fears.  Or what is there to be afraid of, really?

To many people, fear is a natural part of life.

No, not tackling fears like the typical, well-known and talked about fears like claustrophobia and hypochondria, but the fears that keep you from going after the job you know would make you ecstatically happy, the relationship that will make every other relationship jealous, or the leap of faith that what you believe in will happen if you just try.


Our own self-esteem issues can keep us from taking steps that could help us make the big step from being a paralegal to a lawyer, or an online writer from penning a book or novel.  Or, approach that person you always see at the coffee shop but haven't made any move towards.

We are often our own worst enemy. Negative self talk keeps us in our comfort zone. The fence that surrounds our comfort zone is our fears. Some fences are bigger than others, but fences nonetheless.

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Do you know why some people are able to create wonderful products or services, or become role models for others through their own actions?  It's because they decided that they would overcome their own fears, no matter what they are because they could see that the other side was worth fighting for.

If you asked the top performers in any field if they feared something, undoubtedly they would say yes.  But, they did and achieved anyway.  The juice is worth the squeeze, so to speak.

I'm reminded of a great Mark Twain quote to illustrate the mind of someone who is tackling fears:

"I am an old man and have known a great many troubles, but most of them never happened."

Fear is the killer of hopes, dreams, miracles, and the good life.  And nearly 100% of fears are for naught; don't turn out to be the old man who knows many fears that never came to be.

Tackling Fears:

When you're thinking about tackling fears, what things in your own life come to mind?  Take the time to think about what would make you happy, and what is holding you back from adding that happiness or excitement into your life?

Ask yourself:

Is it a promotion in the field you are presently in, or something totally different?

Will it require you to go back to school?

Is it marriage?

Start with a written list of exactly what you are looking for exactly what it is that's getting in your way to achieving those big dreams and goals.

Life can be just what happens to you; living is those purposeful steps you make to make your passion happen.

Think about what you are afraid of. Do this when you are alone and can think without interruption. Be honest about your feelings.

Why are you afraid of that?

Where do those feelings come from?

What is the worst that could happen to me if I faced this fear head on?

Will you die, or will you come out knowing that you faced a fear that will forever change your life?

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